Let me clarify what “more” is and what “more” isn’t. I know how you Lawyer’s can be;)
Use common sense. “More” doesn’t always mean extra training or demolishing yourself. I never have said no pain no gain. “More” might mean extra foam rolling or mobility work. It might mean waking up earlier to cook your breakfast. Whatever it may be, “more” is used for anything you need to get better at. It’s usually something you don’t necessarily like or enjoy. Probably something you’re not very good at but definitely something your body needs more of.
I personally need to work on my spelling and when to use words like their and there. I use commas, way, too much, and use explanation points when I don’t freaking need one! Like right there or their (wtf!!!) See!?
Anyways, here are my Top 15 tips for getting “more” done
1) join a challenge
2) join a team
3) workout with a partner or in a group
4) set some realistic goals, placing them in a visible place you frequent often
5) find some pain not physical but emotional. Pull out a dress or suit you’d like to fit back into. Ask yourself, What if you don’t do “more”? What might happen? Write it down.
6) go to bed at 10pm and wake up earlier
7) go to work a little earlier to get off earlier
8) do “more” during your lunch hour even if its 30min
9) ride your bike to and from work
10) tell loved ones what your up to. Inform them how bad you want “it” and ask them to hold you accountable.
11) most of us watch a few tv shows a night so why not train or stretch why watching. I personally stretch while watching So You Think You Can Dance. Darn dancers are limber as heck! A good workout idea would be to perform 10 Burpies at every commercial.
12) get two workouts in one day as often as you can. Lift weights in AM and get a cardio session done in the PM or vice Versa.
13) the weekends are great time for two a day sessions. You could also go for a hike, paddle board or choose what ever movement activity that floats your boat;)
14) workout with your family or loved one
15) offer to help a friend get back in shape, pushing someone else to exercise more which will in turn motivate you. Don’t let your friend down!
These are just a couple of ideas to help you get “more” done throughout your busy day. Keep in mind it doesn’t have to be intense exercise or exercise related at all for that matter. Everyone could use more mobility and better quality muscle tissue through stretching. What do you need more of? Prioritize that and use the tips above to help get it done.
All in all doing “more” of the same will most likely lead to ummm… More of the same. If you’re striving to move better, feel better and look better than do the opposite of what’s NOT working now and I guarantee the end result will be a different one.
Good luck!