According to the dictionary the word Primal means original or offirst importance. Primal Fit Miami’s philosophy is to get away from the technologically driven machine based fitness industry and get back to the ORIGINAL and most IMPORTANT Primal Movement Patterns such as the squat, bend, lunge, push, pull, and gait (walking, jogging, sprinting, climbing, crawling).

Primal Movement Patterns are used in our everyday lives, at work, and in all the sports we play. They are the foundation for most movements we perform. These 6 Primal Pattern Movements were necessary for our ancestors to survive. Prior to modern times, anyone who could not perform these patterns would have a limited chance of surviving in the wild.

You have choices and we know that. Let me explain the difference between us and “them”.

At PF360 we believe that in order to reach optimal health and fitness, their are 6 essential pillars that must be taught:

These 6 Pillars are truly what separates us from the competition and if you are the right fit for us it will be the core of what will be instilled into your life.

Let me further explain why we are different…

Since 2011 we have been providing Miamian’s a RESULTS based, science backed Personal Training system that specializes in training people in small groups (1:12 Coach to Member Ratio) to give you the best opportunity for success.

You see, At PF360 we primarily work with CEO’s, business owners and professionals.

These are people that would like to train and workout hard but without getting injured. They also see the value in quality and are willing to invest more for their health.

As you may already know Private Personal Training can be a luxury service.

This is exactly the reason why that we have created our Small Group Personal Training system. We wanted to individualize eachpersons exercise program to their very own fitness level, health history and goals but at a fraction of the cost of a PRIVATE trainer.

Other “group training” facilities such as Cross Fit, Orange Theory and Outdoor Boot camps service groups as large as 30 people with one trainer or coach assisting. These organizations are certainly cheaper than us but this training model can unfortunately sacrifice quality to attain quantity. You simply can’t have good and cheap at the same time.

Lower cost exercise programs may be good for your budget but ultimately back fire providing lack-luster results or worse bodily injury.

We see this is a BIG problem./br>

This is why we believe so strongly in that 1 Coach to 4 member ratio and we put such an emphasis into creating a structured, balanced and PROGRESSIVE strength and conditioning program.

Every exercise programmed in our facility has a reason for being there. In fact, our program weighs out the “risk to reward” of every exercise chosen so that we will have a better chance of helping you achieve your fitness goals without the risk of injury.

Because of the small group we are also able to modify and scale the workout based on each persons individual needs. We can easily and effectively service a novice-deconditioned house Mom while in the same group be working with an advanced Pro athlete and not sacrifice each of their training experiences.

PF360 is in fact a unique Personal Training gym where you will literally feel like you have your own Personal Trainer but in a small group setting.

More importantly it is a safe, compassionate, positive training environment where everyone knows your name. I’m proud to say that it is a “second home” to many of our members.

We are not a Cross Fit, Orange Theory or anything like a Bootcamp!

There is in fact a “Method to our Madness”.

Anyone can make you tired.

We take pride in giving you the ULTIMATE Customer Experience while at the same time helping you reach all of your health and fitness goals but NEVER at the expense of your health.

Were not for everyone and in fact we only work with those that value their health and are serious about making change. If you think this might be you, call or email us to check for any open spots for membership.