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Stretch Therapy

Avoid Injuries with Fascial Stretch Therapy – FST

Primal Fit Miami in South Florida has achieved a Fascial Stretch Therapy Level 2 Certification from Ann and Chris Frederick of The Stretch to Win Institute.

Benefits of Stretch Therapy

When you use FST, you become more mobile, less restricted and thoroughly stretched out prior to exercising or running. Knowing you’ve properly stretched makes you empowered and more confident so you can perform your best and perform with substantially less risk of injury.

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How to get a FASTER recovery
Move Better and decrease pain FAST!
Miami Shores Residents
Andres Bejerano
IRUN Athlete Lincoln

A little over 41/2 months ago I was in so much pain due to my horrific back pain and hips to the point that I thought I had a herniated disc. Today I run not only pain-free but faster than ever.

In January I PR’d a 5k running a 15:41 and just this past April 14th I PR’d a marathon distance in 2:44. None of that would have been possible without Matt Pack’s stretch therapy sessions and strength workouts.

I make regular visits to Primal Fit Miami as a Necessity, Not a Luxury!!


As a 28-year old endurance athlete who has never sustained an injury until last year, I was so frustrated when my right knee started acting up. I tried to run through the pain on many occasions, but the sharp and intense pain under the kneecap progressively got worse. I would run only half of a mile before my entire right leg felt paralyzed, being unable to bend it and incapable of continuing to run. To most, that doesn’t seem like a big deal…just take up some other sport or like most knee doctors advise you, “stop running!” I wasn’t going to accept that as an answer and was committed to continue my goals. The pain turned out to be patella tendinitis, so I went through the “typical” steps recommended to me: prescription anti-inflammatory gels, then pills, an MRI (knee looked absolutely normal), and weeks of physical therapy, yet I was in the same place I started two months earlier – unable to run and now even more discouraged. My options then boiled down to either injections or surgery – none of which I would consider.

I was so fed up and about to throw in the towel, until a friend told me about stretch therapy, its benefits and what it could possibly do for me. I was a bit skeptical at first given everything that I already tried, but gave it a shot hoping that this unconventional idea could prove to work. Well, turns out that it did!! From day one, I followed the tips and tools that Matt provided me with and immediately felt an improvement. I was able to run continuously for 4 miles after only two sessions with Matt. His stretch therapy, knowledge, tips and experience have been invaluable. Two weeks ago (and only after five sessions with Matt), I was able to run a half marathon again with a knee free of pain… I couldn’t believe it! I cannot thank Matt enough for giving me back the ability to continue to endurance train through one of my favorite means – running!

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy Anyways?

Fascial Stretch Therapy is the positive transformation of body, mind and spirit through achieving one’s flexibility potential!

Deep and lasting personal transformation is what happens when our clients — professional and amateur athletes, working professionals, baby boomers, elderly, teenagers and children — feel the liberating effects of pain-free, assisted stretching by Matt Pack, a Stretch To Win Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist.

The BIG difference between my approach and others is that I specialize in stretching and re-organizing your FASCIA. Fascia is your connective tissue — which is the most influential structure in your body affecting your flexibility. Fascia covers your joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and bones. Age, trauma, injuries, poor posture and inadequate training can distort, twist and tighten the fascia. This can cause pain and discomfort in joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments and discs. Changes to the fascia can cause major and minor imbalances in strength, speed, flexibility, balance and agility to name a few, but usually the cause goes undetected because most professionals do not stretch the fascia. At Primal Fit Miami we do!

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