Our Conditioning program features timed “cardio” intensive circuits and station based circuit training using body-weight, Kettlebells, sleds, ropes and many other tools. These popular sessions are HIGH ENERGY, FUN, ENTERTAINING and done in larger groups with ONE coach.

They are specifically designed to keep your heart rate up, burn max calories during the session but also to create an “after burn” effect burning calories 18-24hrs following the workout.

These Conditioning sessions are more “cardio” intensive workouts and are designed to compliment and work around the Strength sessions.
Our “A” Conditioning happens on Mon/Tues, the “B” on Wed/Thurs and “C’s” are done on Fridays.

We program over 10 different protocols into our Conditioning program which are cycled every two weeks just as our Strength sessions.

  • Afterburns
  • I go, you go
  • Complexes/hybrids
  • Double Troubles
  • Lucky 7
  • Call of the Wild
  • Ally Challenges
  • Power of 10

Its important for you to know that “Strength”Training done in Small Groups (1:4 Coach to Trainee ratio) is the base of our what we do, while our Conditioning program simply compliments it.