Personal Training

Small Group Personal Training

Share your training session with like-minded professionals but at a fraction of the cost of Private Personal Training.

But don’t worry! This is isn’t what you think. This isn’t a Bootcamp, a Cross Fit/Orange Theory where you’re just a “face in the crowd” and nobody knows your name.

You’ll be with your own certified coach in a small group that knows your name, your needs, your goals, your health history and your exercise level.

Not only will you spend less money, but you’ll have more fun and reach your goals faster.

I guarantee this or you’ll get your money back!

Private Personal Training

Some people just don’t like sharing and I can understand that. If this is you then you’ll go through the same process as everyone else:

Free 30 min Consult
Assessment Phase

Then we’ll place you with the coach we feel will fit best with your personality, needs and wants.

It will be more expensive but hey you get your own personal trainer and all to yourself!


Our Conditioning program features timed “cardio” intensive circuits and station based circuit training using body-weight, Kettlebells, sleds, ropes and many other tools. These popular sessions are HIGH ENERGY, FUN, ENTERTAINING and done in larger groups with ONE coach.

They are specifically designed to keep your heart rate up, burn max calories during the session but also to create an “after burn” effect burning calories 18-24hrs following the workout.

These Conditioning sessions are more “cardio” intensive workouts and are designed to compliment and work around the Strength sessions.

Restoration Class

We are also very fortunate to have RecoverME Cryo Therapy and Body Restoration that provide Whole Body Cryo Therapy, Spot Treatment Cryo Therapy, Infrared Sauna/HeatTherapy and Normatec Compression Boot therapy.
Now YOU just need to add more “Working In” into your daily and weekly schedule.
Fitness Programs for Every Level & Budge