Out of town client Big D spends his birthday at Primal Fit Miami. I told him I had a big surprise and I know I didn’t let him down… Happy Birthday Dave! This guy is honestly not only one of the hardest working 56 yr old’s, he is one of the hardest working CLIENTS I’ve ever worked with. He’s Jacked, a straight ROCK and mentally tough to boot. This guy is no spring chicken in the Iron Game either, he’s been training hard his whole life! That’s what’s so impressive, training is part of his life. He uses exercise as PREVENTION! Unlike other people who either wait till it’s to late to start exercising and get injured or even worse waiting until their Doctor suggests it. David can train at this intensity simply because he’s doesn’t know any better… There is no whining, no complaining and NO QUIT! He’s all Business and when he trains at Primal Fit he’s all BEAST-MODE. Take it from Dave there is no excuses, EVER, no matter how old you are. Get after it now, before it’s too late..