Why did you walk through our door?
What problem would you like us to help you solve?
Have you ever lost and gained weight before?
If we help you solve your problem(s) how will your life be different?

These are just a few of the questions that you will be asked when you step foot in PF360. We believe Mindset to be the most important of our 6 Pillar system. We believe most potential clients are focusing on the wrong things and a complete mind-shift must take place to reach the desired goal. We believe Mindset matters most when it comes to attaining then MAINTAINING long-term health and fitness goals. Working on the mind is as important if not more than important then nutrition and exercise put together and you will learn techniques and strategies to help you on your journey.


Do you fix your own car?
Cut your own hair?
Diagnose your own illness?

Of course you don’t… you hire or consult with a trained professional. We believe the same thing when it comes to health and fitness. Here at PF360 you will have your very own Professional coach in a Small Group setting (1:4 Coach to member) with like minded people. This coach will individualize your workouts based on your exercise level, your health history and your goals. You will feel as if you had your own private personal trainer but all while training in a small group setting. You will also have that much needed accountability along with that most important Blueprint to success. Walk through door and we’ll take care of the rest. There is no need to think at PF360! Your coach will lead you on your desired path towards moving better, feeling better and looking better. We’ve got your back!


At PF360 we believe that what you put in your body is essential to changing your health and reaching and attaining your body composition goals. In fact, no matter how much you exercise, out-running a poor diet is not only un-wise it’s simply not possible! Let’s entertain the idea that your body is similar to your car.

Your car (body) is designed to run on Supreme fuel (food) in order to function at a high level. When you put the wrong fuel (foods) in the wrong amounts in your car (body) on a regular basis your car (body) will not run optimally and will eventually break down needing to be seen by a mechanic (your MD). At PF360 you will have access to our Nutrition Consultant that will design a program specifically for you and then hold you accountable the same way that our PF coaches do with your exercise.


For some reason as of late Strength training or resistance training has become the ugly stepchild of the fitness industry. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy conditioning a lot, it’s fun and it’s always our goal to have all of members be in great shape! Conditioning is actually a big part of our programming but it’s a compliment to a structured and PROGRESSIVE resistance-training program. You see if your goal is fat loss, and I’m pretty sure it is, then PROGRESSIVE resistance training is imperative to you reaching your fat loss goals.

What is progressive resistance training anyways? It’s essentially “adequately” overloading your muscles using a weight for your particular goal and then increasing that weight as you get stronger. We believe Strength Training should be your “main plate” while other things like Yoga, Long-distance running, Spinning, Boxing, etc. are more like “side dishes”. These “side dishes” are great but they should COMPLIMENT a structured PROGRESSIVE resistance training program not be the center of it. PF360 suggests that If you would like to attain long-term fat loss, improved self-image and confidence, an increase in calories burned while doing nothing, better posture, stronger bones and the ability to pick up things easier without injuring yourself than participating in our Strength sessions at least 2X per week or 8X per month is optimal to see body composition changes.


Our Conditioning program features timed “cardio” intensive circuits and station based circuit training using body-weight, Kettlebells, sleds, ropes, and many other tools. These popular sessions are HIGH ENERGY, FUN, ENTERTAINING and done in larger groups with ONE coach. They are specifically designed to keep your heart rate up, burn max calories during the session but also to create an “afterburn” effect burning calories 18-24hrs following the workout. These Conditioning sessions are more “cardio” intensive workouts and are designed to complement and work around the Strength sessions.

Our “A” Conditioning happens on Mon/Tues, the “B” on Wed/Thurs and “C’s” are done on Fridays. We program over 10 different protocols into our Conditioning program which are cycled every two weeks just as our Strength sessions. Afterburn I go, you go Complexes/hybrids AMRAP/EDT EMOTM Double Troubles Lucky 7 Call of the Wild Ally Challenges Power of 10 Its important for you to know that “Strength” Training done in Small Groups (1:4 Coach to Trainee ratio) is the base of our what we do, while our Conditioning program simply compliments it.


Working out vs Working IN I like to compare the human body to a bank account. If you’re body or bank account is consistently expending energy (training) or “spending” money and you’re never “depositing” money back in to your account or body, you will eventually bounce a check or experience an injury. This analogy shows that your body is capable of not only going “broke(n)” by working “out” too much but it is just as capable of healing itself by working “in” more often.

Working “out” is training/participating in physical activity and essentially “tearing down” muscle tissue while Working “in” are activities that heal or repair like: Massage Sleep Stretch Therapy Whole Body Cryo Therapy Infrared Sauna Compression Therapy Joint Mobility Yoga Tai Chi At Primal Fit 360 will are incredibly fortunate to systems in place that provide Mashing, Stretch Therapy and Durability classes in our schedule to help people recover. We are also very fortunate to have RecoverME Cryo Therapy and Body Restoration that provide Whole Body Cryo Therapy, Spot Treatment Cryo Therapy, Infared Suana/Heat therapy and Normatec Compression Boot therapy. Now YOU just need to add more “working IN” into your daily and weekly schedule.