There’s no pink dumbbells and Bosu balls here! No jumping around dancing and doing endless amounts of crunches in this class… We get work done performing un-orthodox movements(movement being the key word) that tax the whole body. We move in a circuit fashion swinging and hitting sledge hammers on tractor tires, pulling sleds and pushing wheel barrels and instead of the “typical” boring, over done crunches from every imaginable angle and position, we do REAL “CORE” training like pushing a truck down the alley.
Aside from the fact that this type of training is fun, fresh and different it flat right out burns a ton of calories! People have been doing the same old thing for too long. Nothing works forever! How many more crunches and aerobic classes do you have to do to finally get some results? Lets not forget the definition of insanity; To continue to do the same thing and expect different results. I’ve gotten extraordinary results with these type of workouts simply because it’s something completely new that your body has never seen. A great quote puts it all in perspective,” The best training routine you can be on is the one that you’re not on.”
I’m tired of seeing people on treadmills reading magazines! I’m tired of people riding bikes talking on there cell phones. I’m tired of seeing the same people lifting the same pink dumbbells that they were lifting last year! I’m going to tell you a little secret… Would you like to know why there are so many over-weight and unhealthy individuals in our country? Aside from the fact that people live off of box foods, don’t eat breakfast, work too much, don’t sleep enough and obviously don’t move enough. People want results and don’t want to do anything for it! It’s not easy… If it was easy than everyone would look like Jennifer Lopez and Brad Pitt.
The secret is INTENSITY. We have to work harder, not longer. If longer worked than you wouldn’t see fat marathon runners, but there are. If easy worked than riding on that bike while talking to your girlfriend would work but it doesn’t. Has that abs class worked for you yet? Look, what I’m getting at here is that simple and easy are not the same. Easy implies no effort. Simple means not complicated. Achieving total health and lower body fat levels is simple, but it’s far from easy.
Here’s a Couple of Things I know for sure…
Crunches are a waste of time(abs are made in the kitchen!). There is no muscle stimulator you can place on your abs that gives you a six pack. Milk won’t make you skinny. Cheerios is not a good breakfast and lastly I’m sure that those Brazilian weight loss pills are eventually going to kill someone. On the bright side there a couple of things that are proven to work for long-term fat loss: HARD WORK, EAT, SLEEP and REPEAT!

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