First of all I want to congratulate you for working so hard lately especially the people that are participating in the current Myzone MEP’S Challenge. It makes me so proud when I hear about or see people getting in “more” throughout the week. In our case “More” means SESSIONS, SETS, REPS, EFFORT, TIME and INTENSITY towards there health and fitness practice. I did say practice, something we work toward getting better at ever-day right? I promise this extra commitment towards your practice will pay off major dividends.
Often times we take the minimalist approach to exercise thinking I worked out twice this week, I’m good! We justify this thinking by saying things like, “I wish I could find time for more or I don’t want to over-train or injure myself.” These excuses hold us back from truly reaching our full potential. People ask me how the MMA fighters I train get so “ripped”? I say simple, they train 3X PER DAY!
Results in fitness in health are no different then results you achieve at work or in relationships. You get back what you put in to it, simple as that. If you really want something you will make time for it!
Were one week into this 30 day challenge and I’m seeing people doing “more”. I witnessed Jacki and Gloria doing a Track Challenge this morning at the field. Later that same day I hear Gloria went for a bike ride. John rides his bike to work a few days a week while many of you run or ride your bike to PFM for your workouts. My point is that if you want extra-ordinary results you have to put in “more”.
Whether you’re in the challenge or not we all have the same 168hrs per week.
What will you use your time for today?
Will you find time for a little “more”?
I guess we’ll have to see just how bad you really want it;)