Were now in full swing of “flu season” so I thought it would be benificial to give you my take on how to not get the flu.
1. Avoid Sugar
2. Increase intake of Berries and Green Vegetables
3. Drink only water and Green Tea
4. Limit processed foods
5. Get adequate sleep
6. Manage Stress
7. Take a whole food Multi-Vitamin
8. Supplement with a good quality Pro-Biotic
9. Supplement with a Greens supplement like Juice Plus or Elderberry Extract
10. Wash your hands often and most importantly
11. Stay away from SUGAR!!
If you are too lazy to incorporate some or all of the tips above than feel free to get a Flu Shot. But before you do be sure to check out the video below. Something tells me you’ll be shopping for that Elderberry Extract.

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