The Fat Loss Tool Box installments will feature some the most effective and innovative training sessions completed at Primal Fit Miami. This first one is demonstrating a Db Complex performed in a 2-8 ladder fashion. Like I explain in my DVD Fat Loss Secrets Revealed Complexes can be performed in many different ways and with many different types of loading. We use complexes with Barbells, Kb’s, Sandbags, Club Bells, body weight and even cables. There are hundreds of exercise combination’s, I just stress that it’s best to pick compound exercises that flow from one to the next seamlessly. There are also numerous ways to increase of decrease the difficulty:
increase amount of exercises
increase the load
increase the reps
increase the tempo
decrease the rest period’s between rounds
Get creative with these as you are really only limited by your imagination! Be on the look out for my next Fat Loss Tool Box installment tomorrow featuring two of Primal Fit’s Baby Boomers! These two really bring it and prove to everyone that woman can train hard no matter how old they might be.