Every Friday at Primal Fit Miami we hold a “challenge” day. This changes each week and ranges from outdoor conditioning circuits, strongman medleys, timed stationed based training, complexes, hybrids and ladders for time. One thing everyone knows is that Fridays is not only going to challenge you physically but it’s going to challenge you mentally. We here at Primal Fit Miami believe that in order to effectively take your body to the next level you MUST push/challenge or do more than what your body is used to doing. If you continue to do the same things than you will continue to get the same results! I didn’t say NO PAIN, NO GAIN. I mean that YOU must find an intensity that works best for you. Intensity is all relative so at least twice a week find your intensity and work HARDER not LONGER than you ever have. Intensity is the KEY to long-term FAT LOSS! By you running those stairs, climbing a hill, sprinting to that mailbox or swimming that lap as fast as you can you are creating a “metabolic disturbance”. This disturbance on your metabolic rate will increase your caloric expenditure from anywhere between 18 and 24 hrs after your training session. Who doesn’t want to burn more calories at rest? That’s right, by you working harder you will be able to increase your chances for long-term fat loss by just sitting at your computer. This is exactly why weight lifting is so important for fat loss. Muscle tissue happens to be very expensive (spends energy) at rest. The more muscle you have the calories your body burns at rest. If you mix the muscle created from your resistance training workout in with a couple of High Intensity Interval Training sessions you will literally turn your body into a FAT LOSS INFERNO! Were not done… There are 2 other tactics we use with our clients and it’s something you’ve probably heard before, meal frequency and TEF (thermic effect of food). In a nut shell it’s increasing the amount of meals per day. This keeps blood sugar stable as well as increase metabolic rate. The last metabolic rate enhancer would be PROTEIN. The Macronutrient Protein is the most “thermic”, meaning your body has to work a little harder to break it down. Because of this increase in effort your body’s metabolic rate again will increase. So there you see, in order to take full advantage of The Fat Loss Inferno or having your body burning calories at rest on a 24hr basis or even longer it is crucial to increase lean muscle (weight train), perform intense Cardio (HIIT, Sprints etc…), consume protein at every meal and try and eat every 2-3 hours.