I have taught you how to create quick, efficient and ass-kicking workouts so dig into that tool box that we built and get to work. Here’s what you’re going to do If you have a treadmill:
1st round: 10% incline, sprint up hill at 8mph for 15 sec.
hop off and perform 10 burpies (obviously if this is too difucult, feel free to modify).
Repeat 3-5X,
Rest 2 min
2nd round: 0%incline, sprint for 45 sec at 10mph
hop off and perform 15 pushups(obviously if this is too difucult, feel free to modify).
Repeat 3-5X
Rest 2 min

3rd round: Powerwalk at 12% incline at 3.0mph for 30 sec
Hop off and perform 50 bodyweight squats(obviously if this is too difucult, feel free to modify).
Repeat 3-5X
If there are no treadmills: This can be done in your hotel room
You will perform 3 rounds of Tabata Intervals picking from the list below:
Bodyweight squats
Squat Thrusts with no pushups
Burpies with pushups
Scissor Crunches(on back right elbow touches left knee, left elbow/right knee)
Jumping Jacks
Shadow Boxing
Mountain Climbers
Stationary Bike( if available)
Elliptical (if available)
Med ball slams ( if available)
Remember the Tabata Protocol is performed 8X, 20sec on and 10sec off for a grand total of 3:50sec
If there are Dumbbells available than your options are limitless! But lets stick with bang for your buck types of things:
Dumbbells ladder: pick a push, pull, leg movement and and a cardio movement and perform each movement once adding a rep each round.
EXAMPLE: One dumbbells bench press, one bent over row, one dumbbells squat and one squat thrust. Without rest you will immed perform two dumbbells bench presses, two dumbbells bent rows, two dumbbells squats and than two squat thrusts.
Perform 1-2 ladders up to 10 repetitions
If all else fails you take some dumbbells and do the Matrix 3-5X
Look, all of these things are very effective at not only maintaining what we’ve built but moving forward on what we’ve built. The best thing about these workouts is that there quick.
The longest workout above will take no longer than 20 min and the shortest probably no longer than 10-12 min. Just make it work for you man! If you have 10 min to spare than do something for 10 min, if you have 30 min than pick something and do a 30 min workout.
There is no excuse for you to fall off the wagon. You have to make this stuff a part of your life! It’s something you MUST do . You can lose what we built so fast man, and it will take so much longer to build back up. Trust me! Do a little something 3-5X days a week and it will make all the difference in the world.
Call me if you need me.

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