“You will never have a better trainer than Matt Pack. Matt is dedicated
to improving the quality (and length) of your life through a livable,
energy producing diet and regular exercise that will transform your body
from flabby to firm. Whether you’re a man or woman, athlete or
endomorph, Matt will help you raise your fitness level at a pace that
will challenge but not discourage you. Matt’s good nature and constant
innovation mean that his workouts are never boring or unpleasant. Matt
is a voracious reader and digests the latest literature to ensure that
his clients always have the benefit of the latest research. Although
Matt’s move to Miami means he can’t train me in person, I apply the
principles he taught me in every workout. And have been asked many
times, by complete strangers, to demonstrate an exercise he taught me.
You’ll never regret your decision to hire Matt.”
J Gans