I always tell my clients, “eat like the food pyramid than prepare to be shaped liked the food pyramid”. It’s not that diffucult! Americans are just too lazy… Forget the food pyramid, look where thats gotten us thus far. Grains, Grains and more grains! Do you know what they feed cattle to fatten them up? Grains. What makes you think that grains will have any other effect on your body? Oh, I know the box of cereal says it lowers your cholesterol… Oh ,and it has 100% of the RDA vitamins and minerals… Don’t forget about that fiber and all that iron. Great marketing huh? Why do think you see more comercials and marketing for grains than fruits, vegetables and meat products? I’ll tell you why, because grains are cheap. Cereal is also not only fortified with vitamins and minerals but it’s almost always fortified with another cheap product called SUGAR. Don’t forget that other product that everyone is talking about these days… Does High Fructose Corn Syrup ring a bell? Well, that’s just another name for you guessed it, SUGAR. These are the so-called health foods that our government is marketing towards your kids. Cereal companies arn’t spending money on there product. They are spending money on marketing there product to your kids! There isn’t anything healthy or nutritious about cereal! I know, I know, you eat only Cheerio’s. Well thats not much better. As Jack will tell you we should be consuming a protein rich breakfast. As a matter of fact we should be consuming protein at every feeding opportunity. Listen to Jack as he gives you a meal by meal template to create that temple of a body that you’ve always wanted.

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