Jane’s Jungle Workout Part 2
By Paul Chek, HHP, NMT
Founder, C.H.E.K. Institute
3. I Want More Energy
The human body is one of the few things in the world that gets better with proper use! Although many trainers are aware of the fact that exercise does help improve energy levels, they don’t seem to realize that the nervous and hormonal systems not only govern all aspects of one’s physiology, but both can be developed with correct exercise methods. When females perform the same exercise routine over and over again for months and even years, their body adapts and even stagnates with regard to progress.
To keep the body stimulated we must choose exercises that challenge both the nervous and hormonal systems and the muscular system in addition to being interesting and new to the body. The “Dead-Row” (Fig. 4A thru 4D) is an exercise I picked up from BodyPUMP pioneers Emma Barry and Mike McSweeny while working in New Zealand. The exercise combines the dead lift and the bent over row to create a great challenge for the body.
4. I Want to Feel Better
When you look better, you feel better! As I point out in my “Equal But Not the Same” correspondence course, females often have poor posture as a result of growth and development factors such as breast development and hormonal aspects. An essential step toward feeling better is to improve posture, which not only enhances looks, but also allows more efficient function. Additionally, with improved posture comes improved energy flow and efficiency and with improved strength from training like I suggest here, females commonly develop a greater sense of autonomy.

The “Supine Lateral Ball Roll” (Fig. 5) is what we refer to as a “Big Bang” exercise at the C.H.E.K Institute. This is because it not only serves as a very effective exercise for conditioning postural muscles, but it also trains the body in all three planes of motion. Another feature of the exercise is that it is safe to do with clients who have back problems and also works well with pregnant clients.
5. I Want to Lose My Pooch
Females all want to get rid of that dreaded pooch belly and will try just about anything to do it. For Jane, it is essential to have functional abdominals because the deep abdominal wall in particular is neurologically connected to the pelvic floor and stabilizer muscles of the low back. Chronic use of the crunch exercise does little, if anything at all, to improve the stability of a woman’s internal organs, stabilize her spine or flatten her tummy. To accomplish these objectives, we must be much more scientific about our exercise selection. In addition, use of crunches and sit-ups without adequate counterbalancing exercises for the back and hip extensors commonly results in poor posture and impaired aesthetics!
The “Forward Ball Roll” is another great “Big Bang” exercise (Fig. 6). Performed correctly, this exercise improves spinal stabilization, increases coordination, and activates the deep abdominal wall to flatten your tummy!
Jane of the jungle needs to stay active to burn the calories necessary to stay trim and stimulate her post-exercise metabolism. This is why I use a “Smart Circuit,” which consists of four to six compound exercises that are sequenced, descending in neurologic demand.
Intensity: Determined by the repetitions that can be performed. Choose a load that allows completion of the suggested reps yet still allows you to feel as though you could do an additional one or two reps after their first set.
Tempo: A moderate tempo is performed on a two-second concentric and two-second eccentric cycle. The 333 tempo indicates that you roll forward to the point at which your stabilizer system is challenged (correct form is possible to maintain, but hard), hold that point for three seconds, then return for the count of three seconds.
Sets: Initially, two sets of each exercise (two circuits) can be performed. If you are in good shape, you may start with three circuits. When four circuits can be successfully completed, you may increase the challenge by reducing the rest period to one minute.
To complete Jane of the jungle’s training program, I suggest alternating a smart circuit with an aerobic activity the following day. Using the concepts demonstrated here, develop a second smart circuit and alternate two smart circuits and two (three for highly conditioned females) aerobic conditioning sessions each week. The less conditioned your client, the less frequently they should train and the more rest they will need each week.
Paul Chek, Corrective, Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist and certified Neuromuscular Therapist, is the founder of the C.H.E.K Institute in Vista, California. A sought-after consultant to sporting organizations, his services have benefited numerous professional sports teams and athletes.
Paul has produced over 60 videos, 17 correspondence courses and is the author of several books, audio programs and articles. For more information on Paul’s recent book “How To Eat, Move and Be Healthy!” or his popular “Equal But Not The Same” correspondence course, or for any of Paul Chek’s other courses, videos and books, call 1-800-552-8789 or 760-477-2620 or visit on-line at www.chekinstitute.com. Feel free to request a catalog of CHEK Institute products.

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