They say that the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. Do you agree?
We spend hours and hours shopping and wrapping and exchanging material gifts, when we really should look at spending that time and energy on ourselves.
It’s not selfish. It’s selfless. And I will tell you why.
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It’s this time of year that reminds us of what’s important. Friends, family and the time and good health to enjoy them.
Which is why, most people spend the week after Christmas repenting. As a last ditch effort, these same people put together resolutions for the new year. “I want to lose weight.” “I want to drink more water.” “I want to get more sleep.” “I want to enjoy life.”
Well, it’s all well and good to want these things. But how are you going actually going to achieve them? Have you engineered an actionable plan that will work? Do you even know how to construct the plan? Can you be trusted to do this on your own? Are you capable of being self directed? Are you accountable?
My guess is no. Most people aren’t. Here’s why.
Most people do not succeed with their resolutions because they simply don’t give themselves enough attention. Most people are so busy working, raising a family, doing for others, that they don’t set aside any time for themselves. They don’t deem themselves worthy enough to even be on their own To-Do List.
Sad, but true.
As adults , our days are dedicated to work, and our nights to more work, and being part of a family. We signed up for that but we need to set some priorities moving forward.
As it is, most find their energy depleted by the time it gets to doing things for themselves. We eat standing up, at the refrigerator most times. We go to sleep too late, leaving us tired the next day. We haul our kids around to their “extras” but never spend the time on ourselves.
We get lost in the pattern. It’s easier than marking our territory and carving out some productive time for ourselves. We say: “I don’t have time for me,” or “I’m exhausted.”
It doesn’t have to be that way.
There’s no reason why you, a valuable, awesome you, cannot have priority on your own list.
We just need some help. And there’s nothing wrong with seeking help out.
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We cannot do it all nor should we want or have to. Accepting the fact that you will need to call in resources is half of the battle here. Unfortunately we subconsciously assign blame or guilt when we feel like we’re not doing everything we can. Guilt is not your friend, don’t embrace it like it is. Do the best you can and recognize when you need some help.
Let’s take me, for example. I have a tax guy, a housekeeper, a web design team, a staff at the gym, and more. I have my skill set that I am confident in. Outside of that, I staff it out. You should too.
I mean, you can cut your own hair but you don’t right? You could figure out how to change the oil on your car and do it yourself, but you haven’t, right? It’s the same principle.
Especially when it comes to fitness.
You are not an expert. Seek out a professional.
A fitness professional will:

  • Assess your current status and align with goals, exercise level and health history
  • Design a blueprint to follow to ensure success
  • Ensure exercises are done correctly preventing injury
  • Hold you accountable to the goals set out from our initial assessment
  • Educate and empower you to eventually take control of your own health and exercise programs

Instead of resolutions, I suggest three simple steps to success.

  1. Recognize who you are and what you are truly (honestly) capable of on your own
  2. Put yourself on your own To-Do list
  3. Staff it out to support the initiative.

Easy breezy, right?
Getting some “me” time not only helps immediately, it shows your family that you values yourself and models behavior that will help them prioritize in the future.
It’s a win-win.
Remember, “When in doubt, staff it out.” Let’s get moving in 2015.