I love pizza! I actually grew up on Domino’s Pizza growing up with my Dad and brother back in Virginia. Fast-forward to 2011 and I still LOVE Pizza, In fact until a couple of months ago I would plan when I would have my pizza usually twice a month and ONLY on heavy conditioning days (deserved it) or a planned cheat meal. I always teach my clients to listen to your body after you eat food, it will tell you all you need to know if in fact it was the right “FUEL” for YOU. I pretty much had learned to ignore these feeling as Pizza was officially a learned behavior from childhood plus it tasted so dag gone good (red neck for delicious) but I just got tired of feeling grumpy, bloated and lethargic after eating it. These are the same feelings I get after I eat ALL refined carbohydrates and most “healthy” whole grains, that’s why I’ve eliminated all whole grains, wheat and refined products from my diet almost 100% accept for the occasional party or special occasion. So I did some searching around for some Pizza alternatives and came across this grain free/wheat free MEATZA:
I gave it a try this past Saturday night and it came out really good! I have to be completely honest when I tell you that I did miss the CRUNCH or the texture from “real” pizza but all in all it tasted great and I didn’t get any of the common side effects usually associated with eating refined grains. My wife enjoyed that;)
I followed the recipe from The Healthy Cooking Coach above pretty much to the tee but I used 2 pounds of ground Bison. Even if you’re not Gluten Intolerant I absolutely recommend that if you’re trying to make better dietary choices you give this a try plus it only took about 30min total.
Give this a try and let me know what you think!