I’ve said it a thousand times! If you put the right fuel in your body at the right times you can achieve optimal health. Let me ask you a question. If you put diesel fuel in a car that is supposed to take Supreme, do you think your car will ride at full potential? Hopefully your answer is NO. So can you expect your own body to run any different? Food is thy medicine. In order for the human body to perform at high levels it requires an optimal amount of nutrient dense foods. I’m not talking about convienance foods like the candy machine, or that Lean Cuisine frozen dinner. I’m talking about those foods found in the perimeter of your local grocery store or farmers market. These are the food that are closest to it’s natural state. These are foods that havn’t been tainted by man. Foods that have no flavor enhancers, colorings, additives and perservatives. These foods are colorful and full of life! These foods are the prefered “fuel” for the most important vehicle that you own. Your body. Stop treating your body like a garbage can! You only get one and don’t forget that.

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