When I first met Lourdes her lack of energy wouldn’t allow her to leave her own home. She was driving her car to pick up her mail and throw garbage in the dumpster. Needless to say she was feeling depressed and hopeless, she had hit her bottom. My first training session with Lourdes lasted 15 min! It was literally a walk around the block and we had to stop to let her catch her breath numerous times. Today Lourdes is feeling more energy than ever! She is walking daily, running errands and she’s even climbing steps without getting dizzy and feeling the need to get a breather. She is lifting weights, boxing, pulling sleds, pushing prowlers and walking on treadmills with an incline. She is living her life! Lourdes was becoming a slave to her lifestyle. She is now happier than ever and loves how her body feels and how her body is transforming.
This testimonial is the reason I do what I do! It’s absolutly amazing what exercise and proper nutrition can do to a persons health. It’s not as hard as people make it out to be… Lourdes had never trained a day in her life and now for the first day in her life she is in control of her health. She has made a lifestyle change! We still have work to do and it’s going to be a long road but how lucky am I to have the opportunity to partake in this journey with my friend Lourdes.
Check out the exercise section for more video’s featuring Lourdes. We can all watch together as her body transforms and she enters this new part of her life.

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