The recipe to Consistent Weight Loss revealed!

Weight Loss revealed
Weight Loss revealed
Weight Loss revealed
As you all should know by now one of the biggest keys to seeing weight loss progress is to eat just as good as you did Monday-Thursday on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

You must create a streak of compliant days to give you time to actually see some positive changes.

If you continue to ”reward” yourself for your hard work and nutrition compliance Mon-Thurs only to go “off the rails” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday you’ll quickly lose motivation to get back on track on Monday which only leads to more weight gain and frustration.

I promise if you can just make it through even ONE full week of “at home eating” and daily walking it will jumpstart you into week two making even better decisions then the last as you’ll build massive confidence.

Now with TWO Weeks under your belt and feeling and seeing some noticeable changes I can promise you’ll move into that weekend being more mindful of food choices and increasing activity even further.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this.

Can you imagine what you could accomplish with just a 4 week streak of compliancy?

This is why I’m so big on that 30 day challenge.

Amazing changes can be attained in only 30 days but most people screw up the weekends two weeks in and never are able to create any momentum.

Here are some pics from my own meals today to add to my own streak.

I highly suggest that you yourself take pics of your meals and post them here to hold you accountable and to help motivate the other Primal Fit Pack Members.

Morning Meal Prep pic
Breakfast- Oatmeal and Egg White Bowl
Lunch/post workout- Bison, Rock Shrimp, Green Beans and Bagel with Cream Cheese
Dinner- Salmon, Rice and mixed veggies

Sunday will be similar to today and Monday it starts all over again!

Hopefully you can see how this could quickly steam roll into some serious results right?

Now it’s time for YOU to go meal prep and create your streak.