The Dream Lives
For those who don’t know I started the process of building my dream Fitness Studio in Sept. of 2010. I’m happy to say that Miami Shores PREMIERE Private Group Training Studio will be opening up the 2nd week of February! What a process, what a ride and what a relief… Nothing worth having ever comes without detours, persistence and a whole lot of hard work. This GROUP training facility features 1400sq/ft of training space half of which is covered in high quality training Turf. This “turfed” area will be a group training area that will comfortably fit up to 10+ people performing movement based warm-ups, plyo’s, ground based animal movements and mobility/restoration techniques and protocols. The area will also feature 4 stations each consisting of TRX training, Battlerope velocity training, band training, Kettlebells, Sandbags, Club Bells, Aqua filled Bullets and Balls and two rope climbing area’s.
The other half of the facility is equipped with more traditional tools such as dumbells, a cable pully system, a Glute Ham Raise, a dual Grappler and a Jungle Gym system complete with Squat racks, monkey bars, pull up bars, dip bars and a continuous rope pulling attachment called a Hog Line. Don’t forget we also carry a full line of Strongman equipment including a tractor tire, farmers walk implements, a Strongman Log and a Super Yoke and a home-made Wheel Barrow. Don’t overlook our innovative cardio equipment such as 2-Prowlers, 2-Sleds, a Woodway Treadmill, a Step Mill, a Jacob’s Ladder, 2 Row Machines, 2 Versa Climbers and 2 Airdyne Bikes. We also boast that there are NO shiny machines, NO fancy ab gadgets, NO shake weights, NO BOSU BALLS and NO AEROBICS CLASSES! PFM uses only tried and true training techniques that have been producing Strong, Mobile, Lean, Healthy and injury free athletes for literally thousands of years! We are ALL athletes in one way shape or form so you can expect to be trained like one.

Why Group Training?
Primal Fit Miami has not only chosen the Group Training format to increase the affordability to our customers but over the years training in this manner we have seen an overwhelming dedication and commitment that isn’t traditionally seen in the one-on-one setting. There is also a refreshing and positive sense of competition found in the group training format that is obviously missing from one on one fitness. It’s not hard to see why PFM has made this huge paradigm shift… A Fitness System proven to increase commitment, a healthy competition amongst friends and peers, and a BIG dose of accountability can only lead to some serious RESULTS. Small group training is nothing new, in fact were only following in the foot steps of other popular disciplines such as Martial Arts classes, aerobic classes and Weight Watchers. Is our way the only way? No. Is it the most effective and efficient way? YES. Trust me when I say, if there was a better way PFM would be utilizing it…
A Primitive Approach to Complete Wellness
Our coaches have over 30 yrs. of in the trench’s hands on experience and are passion for learning never stops. We want you to know that the field of exercise science changes rapidly unfortunately it’s mostly for the worst. It is for this reason that we have stayed clear of much of the latest exercise technology and popular fads that are commonly present in the media and the majority of larger fitness establishments. PFM coaches are a “new school” breed that takes an “old school” PRIMITIVE approach… We believe in working hard, but smart. We believe in being strong but mobile. Lastly, we believe in looking good but not at the expense of being healthy. This is honestly a training system that teaches health from the inside out. A training system that builds usable muscle through smart movement. A system that increases performance through balanced programming and a training system that decreases injury through innovative restorative techniques. Primal Fit Miami proudly invites you to take advantage of the area’s first one stop shop to complete health and wellness.