Orange Theory’s, Bootcamps, dedicated runners and spinning enthusiasts.
I’m so happy that you’re exercising and taking action towards a healthier lifestyle but…

If you’re solely participating in one or in some cases all the above types of modalities than your exercise program is severely UN-balanced and deficient.
I know you’re sweating a ton, exhausted and burning calories while having fun and that’s huge but you’re missing a very important piece of the puzzle.
For some reason as of late Strength training or resistance training has become the ugly step-child of the fitness industry.
Don’t get me wrong.
I enjoy conditioning a lot, it’s fun and it’s always our goal to have all of members be in great shape!
Cardio is actually a big part of our programming but it’s a compliment to a structured and PROGRESSIVE resistance training program.
You see if your goal is fat loss, and I’m pretty sure it is, than PROGRESSIVE resistance training is imperative to you reaching your Fat loss goals.
What is progressive resistance training anyways?
It’s essentially “adequately” overloading your muscles using a weight for your particular goal and then increasing that weight as you get stronger.
So what is NOT resistance training?
Using the same weight you did last year for 15 reps when you could’ve done 20 reps.
Doing Dumbell Bicep curls with 5pd’s in between the treadmill and row machine.
Performing Tricep extensions on the handle bars while on the spin bike.
This is NOT an attack on anyone or any one organization.
This is also NOT a marketing post for my facility.
I suggest you continue whatever you’re doing if you’re having fun and it’s not injuring you.
If you want long-term fat loss, improved self-image and confidence, an increase in calories burned while doing nothing, better posture, stronger bones and the ability to pick up things easier without injuring yourself than add a day or two of strength training in with your cardio.
Nothing and I mean NOTHING works better to change your body and give you so many other health benefits than good ol’ weight training.
If you don’t know how to strength train properly or you’re intimidated than hire a coach or a qualified trainer that you trust and get STRONGER.
You got this!;