20 Things that drive me crazy! (in no particular order)
1. Crunches are a waste of time (abs are made in the kitchen!).
2. There is no muscle stimulator you can place on your stomach that gives you a six pack.
3. Milk (comercial)won’t make you skinny or make your bones stronger for that matter…
4. Cereal for breakfast is NOT the breakfast of champions
5. Those Brazilian weight loss pills are going to kill someone.
6. Infomercials are scams but damn that Tony Little guy is a rich man…
7. Aerobics doesn’t work but cardio sure does?
8. If you only have time for cardio or weights always choose WEIGHTS!
9. WHOLE Eggs are excellent for you! The yolk is where the nutrients are found.
10. Sweat and exhaustion doesn’t equate to fat loss (I hate SPINNING!)
11. Soy makes you fat!
12. Get off the elliptical machine! Unless you’ve recently had knee surgery. It’s too darn easy!
13. No ladies, for the 100th time, heavy weights won’t make you bulky.
14. No training program in the world can make up for a crappy diet…
15. Vegetarians
16. People doing the same thing and expecting different results
17. Un-educated personal trainers
18. Marathons! Why would you want to: run in a straight line for 26.2 miles? Eat your own muscle? Supress your immune system? Get Feet, knee, hip and low back pathologie(s)?
19. Aerobics Classes
20. People who eat Carbs without a Protein! How can you eat spaghetti by itself?
*Bonus* 21. People doing the same thing and expecting different results ( for god sakes stop reading about Brittney Spears on the Elliptical maching!!!)
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