200 Five Star Reviews Can’t be Wrong

We’d say it’s hard to have a 5.0 Google Review but – with clients like these – we’d be lying

These days, the measure of a business is literally tracked in real-time by its clients on public platforms accessible to anyone with a smartphone. This allows for all interaction with the public to be fully transparent, leading to brutal honesty and intimidating authenticity. It forces establishments that care to always perform at their peak, with a passion for customer satisfaction. 

Primal Fit Miami relishes in this realness.  

Our professional personal training in Miami is dedicated to hands-on coaching customized to reach any fitness goals and health needs. With a history firmly rooted in results, we’ve developed a method based on Pillars proven to help anyone achieve their physical zenith.  

Primal’s private sessions offer comprehensive classes individualized for anyone while small group training courses deliver the same results in a more social atmosphere, allowing for any type of work-out that’s comfortable to you. Miami personal training at it’s finest.

With conditioning biologically proven to positively maximize performance that is also kind to every individual body’s needs, Primal Fit has cultivated a system for success that is fun and maintainable. Key techniques to optimize healing and movement like Fascial Stretch Therapy provide lasting personal transformations to all body types.  

We also understand that in this busy world, professionals on the move don’t always have the time to hit the gym. This is why Primal Fit Miami implements interactive online coaching that allows us to meet you anywhere. With simple travel techniques that let anyone exercise anywhere, we specialize in convenient workouts that actually work.

But don’t take our word for it, Google us yourself. We’ve also stacked our YouTube channel with effective workout tips and personal testimonials from some of our amazing clients who’ve allowed us the privilege to impact their lives for the better. 

Better make that 201… and counting.

Come see why so many people swear by Primal Fit to take advantage of our 30 Day Personal Training Offer and schedule yourself in today to kick off 2020 right. 

Also, don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter – or feel free to leave us a comment on Facebook, we love hearing from you!

8200 NE 2nd Ave 

Miami, FL 33138

(305) 392-0624


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