Don’t wait for another holiday to pass to reach your health goals – before you know it, 2020 is here and what you put off on Halloween turns into the same New Year’s Resolution you’ve broken for years

An hour of strength training a day – an integral part of S.M.AR.T. Philosophy and the 6 Pillars – is key to fighting holiday weight gain. However, getting into this habit is the tough part.
Procrastination and bad nutritional patterns become harder and harder to break over time, especially after putting on a few candy pounds on Halloween. This is typically followed by copious amounts of Thanksgiving turkey, topped off with all the tasty treats that finish off the year.
Soon, the reflection in the mirror is making a familiar resolution for January and starting with a worse handicap than it did 12 months ago.
The answer to avoiding this fate is preventing that future from ever taking place.
Building habits: the key to health
When you develop good habits – like working out once a day and eating properly – it’s impossible to become unhealthy and overweight. The problem with this is really Mindset. People psych themselves out of fitness and taking care of themselves because they see it as a chore.
It’s not.
The first of Primal Fit’s 6 Pillars is Mindset for a reason. Working out is fun and builds up not only your body but aspects of your character you didn’t even know you were neglecting. It literally makes you feel biologically amazing.
That’s how we need to see the act reclaiming control of our bodies. Eating healthy is delicious. Getting fit feels fantastic.
Does sitting on the couch all day getting the aches and pains that accompany weight gain? Do you really think some mass-produced, heat lamp baked, fast food is good? Think about it.
Avoid holiday weight gain by not packing it on in the first place
Putting off losing weight till after anything not only starts you off with a poor Mindset, it also makes it harder to get started later. Those holiday pounds will add a little weight to your workout routine – and not in a good way.
Considering all the treat in the near future, it’s probably wise to cancel anything you eat out by getting Primal with us.
Get into the habit of devoting a mini fraction of your day to some fun private training and slowly enjoying foods. Everything is so much better when you savor it. Enjoy attaining your physical goals!
If you manage through Halloween and the holiday season, 2020 will be a breeze
Think about it: If you manage through the avalanche of sugar, turkey, and gingerbread, 2020 is already starting off right. The end of the year is hectic. But all you really need is to devote a small portion of your day to some exhilarating physical activity and not gorging. Holiday food can be enjoyed without overindulging – probably more so.
Again, this is one of the situations where just a small shift in perspective into the Primal Mindset can make all the difference. With all this delicious food coming, don’t you want to enjoy it slowly? Relish in the taste of the food and fill up on flavor. There’s no way your taste buds can truly experience the tastes of the season if you’re just pouring it down your throat. Savor the flavor and notice how much easier to feel satisfied with a decent portion of food.
Who knows – maybe 2020’s resolution may involve a tropical vacation where you can show off in a bathing suit.

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